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FAQ for Auto Body Repair Shop in Salisbury NC

Welcome to Sudden Impact Auto Body Repair. We specialize in auto repair services in Salisbury, NC. Please call 704-633-6188 for more information.

Q: How do I know when my car will be ready?

A: When you schedule your repair, we will identify the time and method (phone, email or text) that you will require for notification and updates about the repair progress. Using our repair tracking system, we will notify you if there are any delays in the process caused by unforeseen things such as part or other delays.

Q: Can I drop-off or pick-up my vehicle after shop hours?

A: If prior arrangements have been made with Sudden Impact, you may drop off your vehicle before or after shop hours. There is a key drop in the back door of our office. Just lock up your vehicle, put the keys into a key envelope that you will see in a holder on the door, and toss the envelope through the key slot in the door. If you need to pick up your vehicle after hours, please make arrangements with the shop.

Q: What do I bring to the shop?

A: Bring any insurance estimate that you may have received from any adjuster.

Q: What about a rental car?

A: If you have rental coverage on your insurance policy we can assist you in having a rental car ready for you when you drop off your vehicle for the repair. We can help with arranging your pick up from our location and a ride to the rental car location to get your replacement rental car. We work closely with the Salisbury Enterprise location. Their number is 704-636-2446. They will pick you up when you drop your car off to us and bring you off at our location when your car is completed.

Q: What if my car is not drivable?

A: If your car is not drivable, you should choose the repair shop where you want to have the repairs made and have the car towed to that shop. Any insurance adjusting that may need to be done can be done at the shop of your choice. If you would like to have your vehicle repaired at Sudden Impact, just give us a call and we will make arrangements to have the vehicle towed to us.


Q: What if my car is not drivable?

A: Yes. In order to expedite your claim, select the repair shop, leave your vehicle there and notify your insurance company of the location of the vehicle. You have the right to select the shop of your choice whether your insurance company has a “direct repair program” or not. It is illegal for an insurance company or adjuster to “make” you take your car to a drive-in claims center or to a shop that they have chosen–please see the section of this website titled “Your Rights”.

Q: Do I need to get three estimates?

A: No. You do not have to obtain more than one estimate–from the shop of your choice. Do not get an estimate from a shop that you would not let repair your vehicle.


Q: Must I notify my insurance company before repairs are started?

A: Yes. Insurance policies require that you notify the company or your agent, make a report and tell them where the damaged vehicle may be inspected.

Q: What if my insurance company's estimate or check is lower than the shop's estimate?

A: We will work with insurers who miss damage on their initial inspection estimate. We make sure that all damage is identified, we make sure that all damage is documented and then we contact them directly to provide that information to them directly. They will work with us to ensure that the identified damages are paid for before your car is completed.

Q: What if my insurance company gives me a check?

A: Accept the check, even if the amount is different from the body shop's initial estimate. Hold the check (do not deposit it). Sudden Impact holds all checks until the repair is finished to the customer's satisfaction and then asks the customer to endorse the check over to the shop after the shop is completed.

Q: What if the insurance company has a “direct repair program” and the shop of my choice is not one of the shops participating in the “program”?

A: Sudden Impact participates in the direct repair programs with several major insurance companies; however there are many programs that we do not participate in. We work well with all insurance companies and are able to handle the claim without any inconvenience to the customer. Some insurance companies ask for concessions and cuts in parts prices and labor to save them money. Because our responsibility is to our customer, we do not participate in the “programs” that would require us to give the insurance company discounts.

We have staff at Sudden Impact that are trained and experienced in handling insurance claims with all companies – let us help you through the insurance maze!